Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Job Rocks

This job is so much fun and it's a fine place to start my career. I get to work in Sketchup and Photoshop for almost all day and occasionally get to run a large printer. For some reason that's my favorite thing to do, printing. I guess printing really left an impression on me after my time with Off the Wall Signs.

I've made some really cool things. I've got some pictures of them, but not on this computer. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share one thing yet either. Next week I'll be able to post it.

Something that I'm particularly proud of is that I started a tradition of recycling materials like matte board. We're able to reuse stands that take time and material to make. I would post some of the things that I've done in particular but I shouldn't until about a month from now and after the particular event has happened.

I just realized how vague this entire post sounds but I'll honestly have some pics in a few weeks, just you wait!