Friday, October 14, 2011

Too long since an update

It has been a while since I updated this and my website. Unfortunately while I wasn't able to keep anything worthwhile for my portfolio from Off The Wall Signs, I did get plenty of excellent experience and a company to put on my resume. Speaking of my resume I updated that so it's current.

However I was able to update my commercial artwork section with a small web project that I did. It was a group project, and I didn't some parts from my project, but I think it has a really nice looking layout to it. Pretty clean and easy to read.

So we're back to the job searching grind. I'm hoping to land my next job before Jan 1, 2012. And as of yesterday those chances are looking pretty good. I actually have a job interview at 2pm today.

One more thing, I'm trying to go cold turkey from Reddit. It's great and all, but it disappoints too often. But most importantly it won't distract me when I should be working. If this was a writing blog I might muse on for a bit on how strange the phrase "cold turkey" is, but it's job/job search related blog so I'll keep my musings to myself, or maybe set up another blog sometime, but I digress, this is not the time!

That's all for now

— Ty

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