Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CS110 and IT104


So yesterday we finally jumped into Python. We wrote a few really simple codes. It was incredibly easy to pick up too. Partially thanks to the tutorials I've been watching.

I'll post some of the codes below. I'll add a style to make my code look like code later when I'm not in class

First Code:
print "Tyler Cooper"
print "514 Stalkerz Ave, Henderson, NV, 89015"
print "(702)555-1359"
print "My Major is Software Development Technology"

Next Code:
item1 = 0
item2 = 0
item3 = 0
item4 = 0
item5 = 0
subTotal = 0
tax = .06
taxAmount = 0
total = 0

print "Enter value of first item"
item1 = input()
print "Enter value of second item"
item2 = input()
print "Enter value of third item"
item3 = input()
print "Enter value of fourth item"
item4 = input()
print "Enter value of fifth item"
item5 = input()

subTotal = item1 + item2 + item3 + item4 + item5
taxAmount = subTotal * tax
total = taxAmount + subTotal

print "Your subtotal is $",subTotal
print "the tax rate is",tax * 100,"%"
print "Your sales tax is $",taxAmount
print "Your total is $",total

Final code:
time1 = 5
time2 = 8
time3 = 12
speed = 60
dist1 = 0
dist2 = 0
dist3 = 0

print "How far will speed racer go?"

dist1 = time1 * speed
dist2 = time2 * speed
dist3 = time3 * speed

print "In", time1, "hours he will travel", dist1, "miles."
print "In", time2, "hours he will travel", dist2, "miles."
print "In", time3, "hours he will travel", dist3, "miles."


Today we are learning how to use CSS. I'm already quite familiar with CSS, but I'm still learning new things to be aware of when using it.

Another Interview

I had another interview today. It was for a mostly 3d modeling position. I have to complete a test and then I'll know if I'm hired or not. Just the potential starting pay is enough to excite me. I'll be able to afford all the things I want (which is not a lot) and live like I want. So I must finish the test tomorrow in the best way I can. I hope this all goes well, it looks like it would be an excellent place to work.


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