Monday, March 21, 2011

New School Quarter

So classes are starting and I am quite excited for this.

  • Introduction to Computer Programming - Monday 6pm

  • Introduction to Web Applications - Tuesday 6pm

  • College Mathematics II - Friday 6pm


I've been progressing nicely with the updates to my portfolio. Nearly done with modeling a new scene and updating another. All that on top of some freelance modeling that I've been doing. It has been rather fun being so occupied. I even modeled a pineapple for this, I'll post it later because I think it's really cool.

IT 104 - Intro to Computer Programming

So class today was a little bit redundant and a little bit new. We learned about binary and how to use binary. I occasionally count in binary and hex for fun so this was nothing new to me.

We also did some exercises in logical thinking and logical planning. I broke down part of my day using if-then statements. I am already pretty familiar with this having used MEL in which I used a lot of if-then statements. There was another exercise where we would plan out an activity with all of the things that we had to do, and know in order to complete that task, and the steps to completion of that task. Fun stuff.

I also learned that we will be learning Python. Now I know what to focus on tutorial-wise for the next coming weeks. And that's all for now


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