Monday, March 7, 2011

First Quarter is Over

Well not officially (that's tomorrow) but I have no more coursework to complete so that's great.

I had an interview with Freevi Corporation today and one of their business partners who want to use unity to make a web based 3d world. So hopefully I'll be hearing back from them sometime soon. Sounded like a really great thing to get into. Especially with my eventually-to-be programmer status.

I've also started watching tutorials. I found a Youtube channel with over 70 7-9 minute long videos on Javascript alone. Hundreds more videos on other languages too. This is just to get me started in understanding how actual programmers do things.

I now want to write a program that will show me one tutorial a day on a given subject. I'm sure there's one like it out there already if I just look, but that would be a fun project.


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