Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Class Project - IT104

This is a project description given to us in IT104. Preserved verbatim (even code). Not sure how my custom CSS will distort some of this stuff, but here it is, for my reference.

Project: Game Review Web Site Purpose:

To practice using HTML and CSS to create a Web site

1. You will work with a partner or a team of three to create a Web site for the fictitious company Game Gurus. The Web site will have a home page that the team will design and create collaboratively and pages created by each team member—or “guru.” The home page will include:

  • A description of the site • A quote from each guru

  • Links to manufacturers’ Web sites

  • Links to the TopTen.html and GameOfTheWeek.html pages for each guru

2. Each guru will create the following pages:

  • TopTen.html o Listing the guru’s favorite 10 games o Providing a link to the home page and the Game of the Week page

  • GameOfTheWeek.html o Providing a game review for one game o Including lists of the guru’s favorite games in three different categories o Including hyperlinks to TopTen.html and the home page

  • GameReview.html o Allowing a user to submit a game review

3. Each guru will also create a style sheet to style the guru-specific pages.

The team will select one of these style sheets to style the home page. The team will also create a second style sheet to apply a specific style to the home page.

4. Each guru will create three Word documents discussing the development and deployment considerations for the Web site:

  1. A document identifying a domain name for the site and describing the registration cost and process

  2. A document justifying whether to convert to XHTML

  3. A document discussing how you can use CSS to provide better support for print and mobile devices Deliverables, Requirements, and Timeline

Part 1: Work as a team to create a Web site with a home page and a TopTen.html page for each team member.


1. Create a folder hierarchy for your Web site. The hierarchy should store the home page in the root directory and each team member’s pages in a separate directory.

2. Create the home page. You will add content to it as you proceed through the course. For now, add the sections described in the table. One team member should be responsible for writing the content, testing the page, and correcting errors. The other team member should be responsible for applying the markup.

About the SiteA one-paragraph description of the site
The Gurus SayA quotation relevant to video games attributed to each team member
Guru RankingsHyperlinks to each TopTen.html document

3. Each team member should create his or her own TopTen.html page. The page should list the team member’s top 10 favorite games and provide a link to the home page.

Part 2: Add links to anchor and research domain names.


  1. Add each team member’s name before the member’s quotation, if necessary. Include a destination anchor for each team member in the “The Gurus Say” section.

  2. Create a link from the home page to each member’s quotation in the “The Gurus Say” section.

  3. Research game manufacturers and create on the home page links to at least two manufacturers’ Web sites.

  4. Decide on a domain name. Research a domain registration site to determine if the domain name is available. Keep trying until you find an available name. Do not actually register the domain name. Write a short paragraph recommending the domain name you found. The paragraph should include instructions for registering the domain name, including the cost.

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