Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This week

It has been a pretty busy week. I didn't even get to write my usual post Tuesday night because I was doing so much. In fact, on Tuesday night I wasn't even able to write because the class ran all the way to 10:20, and I was quite tired by that time. With drawing a Valentines Day card for my significant other, to a surprise project over the weekend, it has been a bit hectic. I was able to delegate some of my workload elsewhere, so I'm truly using something that we went over in TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional.

So far, TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional and GE 173 National, State, and Local Government are very easy, and TB143 Intro to Personal Computers, isn't as easy, but I am learning a lot about computers and the Windows platform. It's all going well and I'm quite happy with what I'm learning.

I cant wait until next quarter when I start on a programming language. I've probably expressed this sentiment before, but with each passing week I am feeling more and more ready for what lies ahead.

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