Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TB143 - Introduction to Personal Computers

So today we go over user accounts and security. Soon I shall be a master of high security pc systems. We also had a lab where we installed Ubuntu on someone's computer. I've been meaning to do so on my laptop but haven't had time. Now that I did I managed to install, formatting my entire hdd instead of using the vista partition I wanted. How frustrating, now I must install windows 7 again, very frustrating.


Assignment 6.1 (Submit week 7)
Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 6.

• The IT staff at the office has implemented a new password policy. Make a list of three secure passwords. Each one must use both upper and lower-case letters, at least one number, and one punctuation character. The password must not include any English words, repeating characters, or sequences of four characters in order on a standard keyboard, such as zxcv or 0987. Each password must be at least eight characters long.

• A computer is being used by a small business to store personnel records, payroll, and customer financing data. Discuss several specific ways you would protect this computer from unauthorized access.

Easy stuff, already did it in fact. This week is going to be quite open for me. Good for job searching, and I'm finally getting over my illness. All shall be well


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