Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TB143 - Introduction to Personal Computers

So today we learned about a lot of the cooler, and less intuitive functions of windows. For example, I learned of a way to share the printer in my living room with the computer in my bedroom. Something I knew not how to do, but now that I know, printing shall be much easier from now on.

There were some other new settings I was exposed to, but I don't want to go over them all. It was a really interesting class to me. That and I didn't have a computer to mess around on so I was concentrated a lot more on the lesson.


Homework for this week for this class, we only need to do two of the four:
The following homework is designed to cover the course objectives for this unit.

Assignment 5.1 (Submit week 6)

Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 5.

  • Make a list of all the types of data you would include in a simple system backup of a typical home and business computer system. Estimate how much storage space you might need for this backup. Make another list of the types of data you would not include in your backup. For each item listed, give a
    brief explanation of why you would or would not include that type of data.

  • You have been given a 500 GB hard drive as a replacement for your office PC. Nobody else uses this PC but you. Assuming you are going to be working for a company that develops large mechanical drawing files for customers, draw a graph showing how you might partition this drive. Briefly explain why you chose the size of each partition.

  • Make a list of all the USB and Firewire devices you encounter for a week.

  • Create a chart listing some of the ways you might recover from a serious hard drive problem. For each type of recovery, list the speed, difficulty, and chances of saving the original data on the drive

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