Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers

So today is the first day of class so today shall also be the first day that I get back to blogging my adventures. We are learning about the history of operating systems. Fairly useful information to me. We're scratching the surface of server software, which is one of the things I'm going to need to know about in the near future once I launch some of my plans.

Silly question: In a class about computers, shouldn't we use the most up to date information? Because our book is refering to Windows Vista as the most recent version of the Windows operating systems. How delightfully frustrating. They don't even mention the intel iCores. The latest they mention are things like CoreDuo

Employment News

So still no word on whether or not I am chosen for hire by Duco Tech. I do however have an interview with a company called By-Dzign tomorrow doing 3d visualization work. Sounds almost too good to be true, that's exactly what I want to do: simply making 3d models. They're looking to make a library for all of their things, which is great, I'm very organized myself and would be able to create an easy to access and logical library. If they're lucky and keep me around for long enough, I may even be able to develop them some proprietary software for their library that with a few simple clicks they can have a pretty nice scene going.

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