Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TB143 - Intro To PCs

Today we shall learn of the boot process! Woot boot! Also learning about the features of the recent versions of Windows. Unfortunately, I know much about Windows features, having used it since 98.


The following homework is designed to cover the course objectives for this unit.

Assignment 4.1 (Submit week 5)

Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 4.

  • Draw a simple illustration of the Windows XP Desktop. Label each of the major items found there.

  • Now that you know what to look for, pay attention to each computer you encounter for the next week. Keep track of how many of these systems have the file extensions displayed and how many of them have the extensions hidden. Which method do you prefer, and why?

  • Watch a computer as it boots. Make a list of the various screens that you see before Windows starts. Use the Pause key to freeze the information on the screen. Include any beeps and other sounds you hear. Reboot the computer as many times as necessary to obtain the information you seek. (Note: some
    computers hide this information behind a “splash screen” advertising the name of the motherboard or system manufacturer. This splash screen can usually be turned off in the BIOS.)

Easy week for homework. Easy week for this class in general.

Next week however may be more difficult. Fortunately the instructor has given us a list of pages that we should probably look at as far as things to know goes:

1-5 10 16 18-24 28 34 38 39
2-4 11 15-17 20 25 27 28 30 33-35 42
3-3-10 12-14 15-20 22
4-2 9-10 12 17-18 26 31-37

Other Updates

I've added a widget that contains links with the title as all of my classes. Clicking on these will show all the posts tagged as that class. A nice little addition if I do say so myself. It will make going through my blog looking for homework, class summaries, or other class related info easy for me.

I think I'll also make a widget with links to all the websites I commonly use for school. Yeah... that's a great idea! I'll get on it while I'm still doing nothing.


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