Thursday, January 20, 2011

TB133 - Strategies for the Technical Professional

So in the interest of not saying anything that might put my instructor's job in danger, today was a PowerPoint day! It was mostly a review for me. But it is nice to remember how to do everything. Not that powerpoint is an incredibly tricky program or anything.

The best part is that I got some homework for other classes done before the end of the class.

I'm going to start adding the homework label for classes that have homework for me to do. And maybe a review label for things I could review. But for now this class has neither.

Other News

I've been using up plenty of bandwidth accelerating my job search lately. I have applied to probably 20 jobs in the past 3 days, and hope to get another 5-10 tomorrow. I'm getting quite desperate now. I'm curious as to where the casinos go for the graphics in their games. It's hard to find those companies, and I would love to work for one of those.

But that's all for now


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