Thursday, January 13, 2011

TB133 - Strategies for the Technical Professional

According to the syllabus the class today is about taking notes, I had better take notes! We went over our personality styles and how we learn. I've learned this about myself at least twice already.

Other News

Today was my interview with the company Pop Culture Graphics. The interview went well, but they said I seemed overqualified for the job, which it turned out I was, but I still wouldn't mind the work. Anything that keeps me working on a computer would make me happy.

It seemed like it would be a pretty nice place to work. The atmosphere was nice, and it looked like things were going well for the business. The place is just under a year old and has grown a lot. My only gripe would be that their website does not match their persona whatsoever. Their website looks incredibly corporate but the company like I said is fairly relaxed. That's not a big deal though.

Blog Update

Small update to the look of my blog. Nothing major, but I am preparing to hopefully throw in some gradients to make it look more neato. Yes, I used the word "neato". Fear me. It will be something I apply to my website itself too soon

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