Thursday, January 6, 2011

TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional

So it's time for this class again. Hooray. I got bored earlier and I read through much of the book, excluding the hands-on exercises section. It took me less than an hour to get the gist of everything.
Important stuff regarding class: https://studentportal.itt-tech.edu/ < Resources < Virtual Library < Books < ebrary - Search for specific books. Add to a book shelf for later use.
Virtual Library < Periodicals < EBSCOhost - Used to look at various periodicals and peer reviewed papers.
Virtual Library < Reference < Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Useful for Papers in composition class.
Virtual Library < School Of Study < [Chosen School of Study] - Find professional organizations and whatnot

By-Dzign Interview

My interview on Wednesday went very well. They told me what I would be doing, what the want me to do in the future. I told them what I have to offer now, and what I will be learning. I think I have a lot to offer those guys and they have a lot to offer me. I'm going to be going back tomorrow at 10am for a second interview where they give me an assignment and I go and do it as fast and in as an excellent manner as possible.

What I will be doing there if hired is making 3d models of what corporate events will look like. Chairs, tables, their centerpieces, wall decorations, what have you. I will also create a 3d library of everything that they keep in their warehouse. Definitely something that I would like to do, just modeling lots of stuff. I've got a script that I can use in Maya that will actually import items with just the click of a mouse. I'm glad I kept that script from the Mel Scripting class. You never know what will be useful. Okay maybe that's a lie, I had a very strong feeling that the script would come in handy one day.

What I told them is that in the near future I would be able to program something in Python or Javascript that would be able to do one button imports in Max, Sketchup, or whatever program I could make it work for. They then mentioned a web application, which I can definitely see happening. I can already imagine a flash version, but I don't care for making 3d things work in flash. Another way I can imagine is using Javascript, CSS, HTML, and PNG files with transparency. This way would take much less space, load faster, and load on demand. It seems like a really fun project that I could take on in the near future so I really hope that I am chosen for hire at By-Dzign.

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