Monday, January 17, 2011

GE173 - National State and Local Government

So I dont know how many weeks we've been at this but I really wish I could get to learning programming. Ah well.

Today's class is about Congress. All their powers. All the action. If con is the opposite of pro, then Congress is the opposite of progress... Oh how I hate that joke.

Note: Part of Research Assignment due Monday.


On the prenhall.com/volkomer website go to chapter 7 do the multiple choice review, the true false review, and the essay review. Send all assignments to nevadaissues465@yahoo.com

By the way I just summarized a full page of information into two sentences. Go me :D

This next part is for that aforementioned research assignement
III. Analysis
Using the ITT Tech Virtual Library, Internet, local news, and other relevant sources, analyze the Challenge. The analysis should include the following and be emailed to your instructor:
-History of the problem
-Cause of the problem
-Extent of the problem (whom it impacts and how)
-Differing opinions or proposals concerning the problem
-What department of government has the authority to solve the problem?

I would also like to note that I added the "m" to "whom" in the line "(whom it impacts and how)". Professor B. better get on that one.

Other News

So the official responses from the employers I have been speaking about are all in. They are... drumroll please.

  • Duco Tech - No

  • By-Dzign - We've decided that we're not looking to fill this position right now

  • Pop Culture Graphics - We're hiring someone else fist, then we'll check back with you later

So basically I still don't have a decent job. Very disappointing since I'm going to not have a car at the end of this month. Which as everyone knows, makes a decent job search impossible.

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