Monday, January 31, 2011

Lack of Activity

So lately I haven't been posting after ever class, but that's mostly because there's not much to post about after those classes. The posts will definitely get more interesting next quarter when I start learning one of the languages I will be learning... I think it will be Java.

In the mean time, I think I should start on a side project. Not sure what I should do, if I should sharpen my 3d skills and create another portfolio peice, or if I should work on the artwork for something I would like to create in the future. I probably should just go with a 3d piece... It should be fun I could finish that model of my room that I started some time ago.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TB143 - Introduction to Personal Computers

So today we go over user accounts and security. Soon I shall be a master of high security pc systems. We also had a lab where we installed Ubuntu on someone's computer. I've been meaning to do so on my laptop but haven't had time. Now that I did I managed to install, formatting my entire hdd instead of using the vista partition I wanted. How frustrating, now I must install windows 7 again, very frustrating.


Assignment 6.1 (Submit week 7)
Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 6.

• The IT staff at the office has implemented a new password policy. Make a list of three secure passwords. Each one must use both upper and lower-case letters, at least one number, and one punctuation character. The password must not include any English words, repeating characters, or sequences of four characters in order on a standard keyboard, such as zxcv or 0987. Each password must be at least eight characters long.

• A computer is being used by a small business to store personnel records, payroll, and customer financing data. Discuss several specific ways you would protect this computer from unauthorized access.

Easy stuff, already did it in fact. This week is going to be quite open for me. Good for job searching, and I'm finally getting over my illness. All shall be well


Email Addresses

In lieu of a blog post on yesterday's class I will make a post today instead on the subject of email addresses. I have recently read two articles from two wildly differing sources on the subject that I would like to share my own thoughts on. The first is a CNN post about 20 avoidable job search mistakes. The first one mentioned is not having a professional sounding email:
1. Not using a professional e-mail address.
"It is wonderful that you are proud of your heritage and cultural roots. However, please don't use 'juicygapeach' as your e-mail address," Hudnall says. "There are enough free e-mail hosts out there that you can set up a plain first.last account that is professional and non-descript."

The instructors at AILV were very good about making sure we used the right name for our email addresses. Usually we used our lastname.firstname or if we were going through our own website's mail capability we would use contact or lastname.firstname. But this name does matter in the job seeking world. I have even heard of (but not yet confirmed) that job applications with nontraditional names are thrown out by the software of employers. This could also apply to email addresses too.

The Oatmeal has his own blog post on What your email address says about you. Goes through the list of common email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and Gmail and gives a pretty good indication of the user's perceived technical ability. Now this isn't meant to be a sweeping generalization of the users of these mail services abilities, nor is it meant to be serious, but it shed light on what kind of impression employers might get from someone using these email companies.

I know that if I were hiring a graphic artist I would be wary of hiring someone with the email address; "gfx@yahoo.com". Similarly I would not hire a programmer with the email address; "leetprogrammin@aol.com". As far as I know AOL was never hip, and Yahoo stopped being popular once Gmail came into existence. Anyway the point is, these email kinds of addresses should be avoided. Gmail is acceptable for designers if you don't know how to set up email from your own domain through Outlook or Thunderbird. If you don't know how, however, you really should talk to a friend who does.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

TB133 - Strategies for the Technical Professional

So in the interest of not saying anything that might put my instructor's job in danger, today was a PowerPoint day! It was mostly a review for me. But it is nice to remember how to do everything. Not that powerpoint is an incredibly tricky program or anything.

The best part is that I got some homework for other classes done before the end of the class.

I'm going to start adding the homework label for classes that have homework for me to do. And maybe a review label for things I could review. But for now this class has neither.

Other News

I've been using up plenty of bandwidth accelerating my job search lately. I have applied to probably 20 jobs in the past 3 days, and hope to get another 5-10 tomorrow. I'm getting quite desperate now. I'm curious as to where the casinos go for the graphics in their games. It's hard to find those companies, and I would love to work for one of those.

But that's all for now


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TB143 - Introduction to Personal Computers

So today we learned about a lot of the cooler, and less intuitive functions of windows. For example, I learned of a way to share the printer in my living room with the computer in my bedroom. Something I knew not how to do, but now that I know, printing shall be much easier from now on.

There were some other new settings I was exposed to, but I don't want to go over them all. It was a really interesting class to me. That and I didn't have a computer to mess around on so I was concentrated a lot more on the lesson.


Homework for this week for this class, we only need to do two of the four:
The following homework is designed to cover the course objectives for this unit.

Assignment 5.1 (Submit week 6)

Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 5.

  • Make a list of all the types of data you would include in a simple system backup of a typical home and business computer system. Estimate how much storage space you might need for this backup. Make another list of the types of data you would not include in your backup. For each item listed, give a
    brief explanation of why you would or would not include that type of data.

  • You have been given a 500 GB hard drive as a replacement for your office PC. Nobody else uses this PC but you. Assuming you are going to be working for a company that develops large mechanical drawing files for customers, draw a graph showing how you might partition this drive. Briefly explain why you chose the size of each partition.

  • Make a list of all the USB and Firewire devices you encounter for a week.

  • Create a chart listing some of the ways you might recover from a serious hard drive problem. For each type of recovery, list the speed, difficulty, and chances of saving the original data on the drive

Monday, January 17, 2011

GE173 - National State and Local Government

So I dont know how many weeks we've been at this but I really wish I could get to learning programming. Ah well.

Today's class is about Congress. All their powers. All the action. If con is the opposite of pro, then Congress is the opposite of progress... Oh how I hate that joke.

Note: Part of Research Assignment due Monday.


On the prenhall.com/volkomer website go to chapter 7 do the multiple choice review, the true false review, and the essay review. Send all assignments to nevadaissues465@yahoo.com

By the way I just summarized a full page of information into two sentences. Go me :D

This next part is for that aforementioned research assignement
III. Analysis
Using the ITT Tech Virtual Library, Internet, local news, and other relevant sources, analyze the Challenge. The analysis should include the following and be emailed to your instructor:
-History of the problem
-Cause of the problem
-Extent of the problem (whom it impacts and how)
-Differing opinions or proposals concerning the problem
-What department of government has the authority to solve the problem?

I would also like to note that I added the "m" to "whom" in the line "(whom it impacts and how)". Professor B. better get on that one.

Other News

So the official responses from the employers I have been speaking about are all in. They are... drumroll please.

  • Duco Tech - No

  • By-Dzign - We've decided that we're not looking to fill this position right now

  • Pop Culture Graphics - We're hiring someone else fist, then we'll check back with you later

So basically I still don't have a decent job. Very disappointing since I'm going to not have a car at the end of this month. Which as everyone knows, makes a decent job search impossible.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TB133 - Strategies for the Technical Professional

According to the syllabus the class today is about taking notes, I had better take notes! We went over our personality styles and how we learn. I've learned this about myself at least twice already.

Other News

Today was my interview with the company Pop Culture Graphics. The interview went well, but they said I seemed overqualified for the job, which it turned out I was, but I still wouldn't mind the work. Anything that keeps me working on a computer would make me happy.

It seemed like it would be a pretty nice place to work. The atmosphere was nice, and it looked like things were going well for the business. The place is just under a year old and has grown a lot. My only gripe would be that their website does not match their persona whatsoever. Their website looks incredibly corporate but the company like I said is fairly relaxed. That's not a big deal though.

Blog Update

Small update to the look of my blog. Nothing major, but I am preparing to hopefully throw in some gradients to make it look more neato. Yes, I used the word "neato". Fear me. It will be something I apply to my website itself too soon

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TB143 - Intro To PCs

Today we shall learn of the boot process! Woot boot! Also learning about the features of the recent versions of Windows. Unfortunately, I know much about Windows features, having used it since 98.


The following homework is designed to cover the course objectives for this unit.

Assignment 4.1 (Submit week 5)

Use one or more of the following tasks to evaluate your student’s understanding of the material covered in Unit 4.

  • Draw a simple illustration of the Windows XP Desktop. Label each of the major items found there.

  • Now that you know what to look for, pay attention to each computer you encounter for the next week. Keep track of how many of these systems have the file extensions displayed and how many of them have the extensions hidden. Which method do you prefer, and why?

  • Watch a computer as it boots. Make a list of the various screens that you see before Windows starts. Use the Pause key to freeze the information on the screen. Include any beeps and other sounds you hear. Reboot the computer as many times as necessary to obtain the information you seek. (Note: some
    computers hide this information behind a “splash screen” advertising the name of the motherboard or system manufacturer. This splash screen can usually be turned off in the BIOS.)

Easy week for homework. Easy week for this class in general.

Next week however may be more difficult. Fortunately the instructor has given us a list of pages that we should probably look at as far as things to know goes:

1-5 10 16 18-24 28 34 38 39
2-4 11 15-17 20 25 27 28 30 33-35 42
3-3-10 12-14 15-20 22
4-2 9-10 12 17-18 26 31-37

Other Updates

I've added a widget that contains links with the title as all of my classes. Clicking on these will show all the posts tagged as that class. A nice little addition if I do say so myself. It will make going through my blog looking for homework, class summaries, or other class related info easy for me.

I think I'll also make a widget with links to all the websites I commonly use for school. Yeah... that's a great idea! I'll get on it while I'm still doing nothing.


Monday, January 10, 2011

GE173 - National State and Local Government

It has been nearly a month since I've been to this class. Still doing good. Not much to say about it other than it's kind of fun to have so many opinion questions.

Yet Another Interview?

Today I was contacted by a company called Pop Culture Graphics. I don't even recall which ad I responded to for this one. It has been quite some time since I've responded to any help wanted ads. I'm guessing since it's the new year a lot of companies are hiring now. I'm not sure what position I'm interviewing for or what they want me to do but hey, any excuse to look sharp is fine by me.

Interview With Duco Tech

The interview went well. I should hear back from them very soon on their decision. Here's to hoping!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Website Version 4.1

Yes it's finally here. Tynation version 4.1 Sleeker new graphics, similar beloved layout. Nice clean logo. I'm quite happy with it. All that I need to do is find a way to design the home page that really says what I'm all about now days. But hopefully that won't really matter too much by the end of this week. Two companies with two second interviews for me. I don't think I can lose here, so here's to hoping everything goes well.

I also will probably have some kind of image uploaded by friday too. Comic or not.

I've been forgetting to do this.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional

So it's time for this class again. Hooray. I got bored earlier and I read through much of the book, excluding the hands-on exercises section. It took me less than an hour to get the gist of everything.
Important stuff regarding class: https://studentportal.itt-tech.edu/ < Resources < Virtual Library < Books < ebrary - Search for specific books. Add to a book shelf for later use.
Virtual Library < Periodicals < EBSCOhost - Used to look at various periodicals and peer reviewed papers.
Virtual Library < Reference < Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Useful for Papers in composition class.
Virtual Library < School Of Study < [Chosen School of Study] - Find professional organizations and whatnot

By-Dzign Interview

My interview on Wednesday went very well. They told me what I would be doing, what the want me to do in the future. I told them what I have to offer now, and what I will be learning. I think I have a lot to offer those guys and they have a lot to offer me. I'm going to be going back tomorrow at 10am for a second interview where they give me an assignment and I go and do it as fast and in as an excellent manner as possible.

What I will be doing there if hired is making 3d models of what corporate events will look like. Chairs, tables, their centerpieces, wall decorations, what have you. I will also create a 3d library of everything that they keep in their warehouse. Definitely something that I would like to do, just modeling lots of stuff. I've got a script that I can use in Maya that will actually import items with just the click of a mouse. I'm glad I kept that script from the Mel Scripting class. You never know what will be useful. Okay maybe that's a lie, I had a very strong feeling that the script would come in handy one day.

What I told them is that in the near future I would be able to program something in Python or Javascript that would be able to do one button imports in Max, Sketchup, or whatever program I could make it work for. They then mentioned a web application, which I can definitely see happening. I can already imagine a flash version, but I don't care for making 3d things work in flash. Another way I can imagine is using Javascript, CSS, HTML, and PNG files with transparency. This way would take much less space, load faster, and load on demand. It seems like a really fun project that I could take on in the near future so I really hope that I am chosen for hire at By-Dzign.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers

So today is the first day of class so today shall also be the first day that I get back to blogging my adventures. We are learning about the history of operating systems. Fairly useful information to me. We're scratching the surface of server software, which is one of the things I'm going to need to know about in the near future once I launch some of my plans.

Silly question: In a class about computers, shouldn't we use the most up to date information? Because our book is refering to Windows Vista as the most recent version of the Windows operating systems. How delightfully frustrating. They don't even mention the intel iCores. The latest they mention are things like CoreDuo

Employment News

So still no word on whether or not I am chosen for hire by Duco Tech. I do however have an interview with a company called By-Dzign tomorrow doing 3d visualization work. Sounds almost too good to be true, that's exactly what I want to do: simply making 3d models. They're looking to make a library for all of their things, which is great, I'm very organized myself and would be able to create an easy to access and logical library. If they're lucky and keep me around for long enough, I may even be able to develop them some proprietary software for their library that with a few simple clicks they can have a pretty nice scene going.