Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers

So today we learned about CPU's and Memory. Here's the official class outline today.
Unit 2: CPUs and Memory

2: Identify the major components of the motherboard in a PC including the CPU, chipset, memory, and expansion bus, and describe how they coexist.
  1. Describe the different types of CPUs found in a PC and explain why one type is preferred over another.
  2. Explain how to identify the different types of memory modules and how they interface with the CPU.
  3. Explain the relationship between the CPU, memory, and the chipset.
Content Covered

Introduction to Personal Computers
• Unit 2, “CPUs and Memory”
  • Today's Lesson
  • CPU & Memory Powerpoint presentation
  • Today's Labs
  • Unit 2 Labs Word document
  • Lab unit 2 Upload Assignment
  • Today's Homework
  • Unit 2 homework Word document
  • Homework unit 2 Upload
I am also expected to find out how SSD's handle cache if they do at all. Me personally, because I'm awesome enough to ask a question like that.

The following homework is designed to cover the course objectives for this unit.
Assignment 2.1 (Submit week 3)
Use the following tasks to evaluate your understanding of the material covered in Unit 2.
  • Draw a timeline showing the history of the Intel CPUs used in PCs.
  • You are going to be delivering a short presentation of the benefits of upgrading the department’s computers to quad-core processors. Draw a simple illustration/block diagram that demonstrates multiprocessing. Include multiple applications.
  • Draw an illustration of a typical motherboard. Point out the major connection points and components.
We've also got a nifty research assignment where we get to select all the components to build our dream pc. Fortunately for me, my dream pc is in my room so I just need to look up my parts and specs on newegg. Good times. Also made a friend because I'm helpful.

I think I will also start signing off on my posts from now on like this:


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