Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers

So on Tuesday nights I will be attending Introduction to Personal Computers. As it would indicate, it's an introduction course to PC's. Right now we're going over the history of computers and PC's. A lot of this stuff I am familiar with. The instructor says we shall tear apart one of these computers at one point and I'm tempted to show him the post of my own pc in construction.

I actually tried to test out but got either a 60 or 70% which wasn't enough to pass. Which is okay because it seems like we shall be learning a few networking and security things that I know not of. Not that I know nothing of security, so don't hax my box plz.

Note to self: Do not defy the teacher by taking more parts out of the pc than instructed to.

Important stuff for me: - only accessible at school

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