Thursday, December 16, 2010

TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional + Other News

We have a new permanant instructor for class now. He dislikes how the education system is set up. He said he had a large number of teachers and only remembers 3. I find myself a bit more amiable with the education system, but I realize that for many people it really just doesn't work for them. He's definitely going to try and make sure everyone learns in this class though.

Sadly. I am not learning in this class right now. I'm considering trying to test out of it now. This is what I thought Intro to PC's was going to be. Last week was by far much more interesting, even if it was still trivial. I was not expecting to learn MS word. Not much else to say.

Important Dates

Winter Break Starts : 12/20/10
Winter Break Ends : 1/3/11
Classes Resume : 1/4/11
Pizza Extravaganza : 1/5/11 and 1/6/11 (must get pizza!)
Presidents Day : 2/21/11 (no classes)
Winter Quarter Ends : 3/12/11

Other News

I have an interview tomorrow with Duco Tech Inc. for an entry level Technician Position. According to my brother it involves testing, and building stuff, and keeping detailed records about said stuff. I will learn to solder and be expected to be very organized. I think it would be a really fun position for me, and definitely a great opportunity.


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