Friday, December 17, 2010

Second Weekly Comic Friday

Yay! I actually made it on friday. Based off an actual conversation that I had with Emi.

Important Blog Info

I may be moving my blog back to Blog*Spot. They have all the tools I need, and domain mapping seems to be a lot more free than it is with WordPress. Current mapping is set to expire on 12/22, so if you see it go offline, don't be afraid. I'll try not to let it go offline though. I should have enough time to get all this done. I will also look into being able to customize my color scheme. The way my page is looking right now is not nice with the oranges. I'm well aware and unable to change.

Important Ty Info

The interview at Duco Technologies Inc. went well. I shall send my interviewer a thank you email after writing this post. I think I have a fairly good chance of getting this job. There are several reasons why getting this job would be amazing for me. One is that ITT Tech is right across the street from Duco Technologies Inc. Another is that I would be able to move into an apartment that is across the street from Duco Technologies Inc., and diagonally across said street from ITT Tech. My brother (who got me the interview) will also be moving into that complex, so we can walk to work together (safety in numbers!). Finally, I've been craving a predictable schedule since I graduated from high school. So should I get this job, I would be a happy camper. I will know whether or not I am chosen early next year. And all two of you who read this blog can bet I will post news as soon as I get it.

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