Monday, December 6, 2010

School and New Job Commence

So today I officially started working for InfoTV and attending ITT Tech. I'm thinking of doing a weekly update if any for my work with InfoTV and updates after every class in order to get into the swing of keeping an updated blog.


Nothing too amazing here. I'm just working on a pamphlet for a service that they wish to offer. I don't want to reveal too much, but I will say that I am enjoying the time spent drawing people using vector art.

GE 173
National, State, and Local Governments

I now will be attending this class on Monday nights. It's taught by Mr. Robert Bencivenga, of whom my first impressions are that he is a really cool guy and good teacher. Today he spoke mostly of the basics of our federal government and how The Constitution is a collection of other ideas from other philosophers in Europe. Which shouldn't be really too shocking, all of the best ideas are formed in a combination of several good ones, and are rarely ever original. The topic was often derailed by the truth train, but that's unimportant.

We were given a page of 51 topics for a research assignment we are to do. I narrowed my choices down to three topics I am well versed in.

Where and how, if at all, should sex education be conducted?

Should mandatory (or voluntary) prayer be permitted in public schools?

What place should "creationism" have in the public education system?

I have encouraged my friends to help me choose a topic at the following link: http://www.facebook.com/tynation/posts/172444059442649

Now I am off to do the ridiculously easy homework and read about 21 pages of a book.

Important stuff for me:


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