Monday, December 13, 2010

GE173 - National State and Local Government

So today in class the discussion was about the beginnings of The Constitution, how the Articles of the Confederation sucked as a government. Also the class sidetracked into a lot of discussions on the state of gay marriage in the states, the legal status of marijuana at state and federal levels, and the don't ask don't tell policy in the military. I had read the assigned reading and found everything to be mostly a review.

I think the best part of class though is when Mr. Bencivenga gives his personal thoughts about things. I often find he feels the same way that I do about certain things. The only difference between he and I is that he is much more respectable looking. He speaks so intelligently on so many subjects that I find I admire his wisdom even on things I disagree with him on. I think there's a term for that somewhere on Urban Dictionary.

I've come to a conclusion on what I wish to do for my research assignment. I will take on the question "What place should "creationism" have in the public education system?" The answer is obvious, but it's not as simple as certain people would like us to believe. It's not like creationism just appeared out of no where fully formed in all its inherent beauty. (This line of rhetoric is killing me!)

Homework for class:
go to http://www.prenhall.com/volkomer/
go to chapter 2, chapter overview
  • do multiple choice, get 100%
  • do true false, get 100%
  • four question essay assignment
email everything to instructor

The most important thing

Still all of this class is not the most important thing that happened, the most important thing that has happened - and perhaps made me happy - is that I am homing on a design I would like to use for my website update. Currently it's nice, it's simple, it's what I need, but who uses rectangles these days? Squares, that's who. So I'm employing some overly used, and hopefully non-eye-sore-manifesting web 2.0 concepts. Glossy buttons with lens flares, 3d animation, drop shadow, outer glow, and a bevel. Okay not really all of that stuff, but there is going to be an update to my navigation bar to accommodate my new logo.

Slightly less important is that Emi has a friend who says he can code for me some manner of web comic application. So perhaps I'll make it my new years resolution to get that up and running. Once that is up and running, I won't post any links to it due to the nature of the content I would like to cover. I doubt many potential employers will enjoy seeing what I have in store. It will, however, be located at comic.tynation.com, and it shall be called something more creative/funny than comic.tynation.

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