Saturday, November 13, 2010

November means new jobs, and back to school!

So last Saturday I responded to an alarmingly blank craiglist ad
"Photoshop Ad Designer"

Both written in the title and body fields. I figured, short and to the point. So I sent off an email stating my 6 years of experience with Photoshop, my resume, a link to my gallery, and the same sense of hopefulness that I sent with every job I have applied for in the past 14 months. But this time it was different. I received a call back regarding my email the next morning. He wanted me to come in and do some work for him on Monday. This caught me totally off guard, but it made me and my family quite happy. Our meeting ended up getting delayed until friday, but I knew that if I didn't relentlessly pursue this then nothing would come of it. But luckily I was then signed up friday night to work with Mike Otero, I redesigned his business card that night, and starting Monday I will be working on some rather large video projects for him. So large that I made sure to clear out a 500gb partition on my hard drive to make sure I had room for all the files.

Next peice of news that I have is that I will be returning to school. I feel like something has just been missing from my life since I graduated and I've found that learning in a class environment is just that. I will be attending ITT Tech in Henderson, NV to earn a Bachelor of Science in Software Development Technology. With this I actually have plans post graduation. There are 3 big things that I intend to create with my degree. A website, a social networking game application, and a smart phone app. Of course there will be more things to make, but these are just 3 ideas that I have which are either forming, or are well thought out. These are things that I want to personally create, and that I look forward to personally creating. I'm hoping that I will even be able to develop the smart phone application while I'm in school.

Speaking of game applications, I actually have an interview next Monday with a company called DMatrix that will be making online games. Wouldn't that be crazy, to have 3 jobs and be going to school at the same time? That would, so I would probably quit with The Home Depot. As much as I love driving forklifts around, I think I'll need a little bit of time to myself.

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