Thursday, May 14, 2009

Web comic idea

I have this idea to make a web comic. I want to try having video game characters doing normal things they do during video games talking about random things that normal people would talk about during normal life.

Example: There are 2 Blue Spartans on a bridge, one of them is covering one entrance and the other is sniping over the bridge. The one with a shot gun asks a philosophical question and the other answers, then pauses in the middle of his answer and shouts "BOOM HEADSHOT!" and then finishes answering. The last panel would probably be them getting nade spammed or something.

I want to have the conversations in game be relevant to things in real life, while throwing in comical game events or memes.

Earlier I was reminded of times when I was grinding in the Plain of Justice in EQ and we would talk about mundane things in life while fighting endless monsters, and it seems comically out of character when you look at it.

I'm gonna try to get this up and running on my website http://www.tynation.com afterward a cult following will be appropriate for myself.

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